Skanda-svāmi’s holy/favorite tree and other brief visual musings

On a village I visited



Skanda-svāmi’s holy tree,with the afternoon rays of Rājña. And Srauṣa was not too far off either 🙂



A nearby shrine of Srauṣa(Śiva) in worship in the Bengali month of Srabon.


eka-vaktraṃ trinetraṃ ca hema-ratna-kiriṭinaṃ ।
catur-bhujair vajra śakti śara-kārmuka dhāriṇaṃ॥
udyat-bhānu-sahasrābhaṃ ca śukla-yajñopavītinaṃ ।
bhūta-vetāla-gaṇākīrṇaṃ rājña srauṣa sevitaṃ ॥


was what I recollected with unusual force as I saw the kadamba tree then(with credits to here).

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