On Shakta Agama

I am excluding the Durgotsava-s here,since they are purANAntargata from here,and are temporary. But amongst shAkta AgAmas,I really am not able to think of any one that is specifically meant for parArthArchanA. I know there are many shrines embodying shrIvidyA,old and new,but the AgAma as such presupposes worship at home. Even AgAmas devoted to parArthArchanA like pA~ncharAtra,vaikhAnasa and siddhAnta are evolutes of systems that presupposed home worship. Even early shaiva siddhAnta did not really have much of parArtha-archanA,but a few texts do know of temples for exclusively a sAdhaka’s purposes,so initiates would want to make sure that no one else knows the shrine/not allow non-initiates in the shrine.

(Note:I am not questioning the legitimacy of those devI temples).

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