This same propaganda he is talking about—a similar flavour is being peddled to our kids in the US . Brahmins,males are the roots of all the evils in the world(of course it’s obvious it’s just a byword for Hinduism)(Not withstanding most of this girl’s assertions being untrue and stereotyped—here the stereotype is the social scientist/Indologist’s stereotype,hence progressive and right).

A sample of Anglospheric/Anglospheric-inspired propaganda internalized noted in the above tweet series of this Rao girl.

In India,they are being continuously run down by the force of the law[minority ones get the exemption]. See government takeover of temples,etc. And laws like Devendra Fadnavis’ anti-boycott law make it more difficult to have autonomy to expel hostile elements(realitycheckind’s phrasing).

Bad arguments

Tunku Varadarajan, I want you to argue to Jews that they should give up worshipping Yahweh alone because ancient Israelite relgion was polytheistic and see what they say. That’s how scholarly,yet bad,your arguments are in this article of yours.

More on this have been dealt by better folks than me elsewhere.