This same propaganda he is talking about—a similar flavour is being peddled to our kids in the US . Brahmins,males are the roots of all the evils in the world(of course it’s obvious it’s just a byword for Hinduism)(Not withstanding most of this girl’s assertions being untrue and stereotyped—here the stereotype is the social scientist/Indologist’s stereotype,hence progressive and right).

A sample of Anglospheric/Anglospheric-inspired propaganda internalized noted in the above tweet series of this Rao girl.

In India,they are being continuously run down by the force of the law[minority ones get the exemption]. See government takeover of temples,etc. And laws like Devendra Fadnavis’ anti-boycott law make it more difficult to have autonomy to expel hostile elements(realitycheckind’s phrasing).

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