One of the few versions of the 7 line prayer to the Vajrayana master Padmasambhava I saw in an IA language

Posting it here because most versions I see are Tibetan(and the lines mean the same anyway)

ओड्डियाने वायव्ये । पद्मकेसरकाण्डे । सिद्धिर्लब्धात्यद्भुता । ख्यात पद्मसम्भव । बहुडाकीभिरावृत । तवैवानुसरामि । आयाह्यधिष्ठानार्थम्। गुरु पद्म सिद्धि हूम् ॥ इति गुरुरत्नसप्तपदप्रार्थना ।।

• HUM •At Oddiyana in the North-West • On a lotus pistil stem • With accomplishments supreme • Famous Lotus-Born! • By Dakinis ringed around • Practicing I follow you • Please come grant your blessings enow! •GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUNG •

Credit to a certain Nepalese guy Pawan Giri for sharing it on FB. The Tibetan one. Also ‘Tsokyé Dorje’ would be ‘gaNachakra-vajra’

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