Ramblings on @bronzeagemantis ‘ Bronze Age Mindset

The aweful and fierce guhyakAlI

I have read that book and some thoughts on it:The book has a rather pagan sense to it(and in some sense is both a critique of modernity and tries to invoke the sense of warriors who could have been ‘Gods’ punishment upon the masses’ or like Kalhana described Mihirakula:As a second Bhairava(in fierceness) on Earth. This is the type of a man of action,which he idolizes,one bounded by no rule,who in his actions in enemies is incredibly fierce and terrible(chaNDa) and through his very power,has the power to alter vidhAtR^i(fate itself) with a few ancient and a number of modern attempts at this. Few have had such power or blessings. He’s not a moralist exactly(to which quite a lot on our side might take a few smelling salts),though is not one who advocates any of the hedonisms or modern degeneracies. He’s primary a preacher of a gospel of power in its all conquering dimension and vitality as well. He also acknowledges the importance of ordinary civilized,healthy life and gives important suggestions for nationalist orgs(in the Western context of course) and about the sort of tenancious,right-thinking people needed to march through institutions like the Army(in the US context),Government agencies(that are enforcers),etc. Out of these in the book,I especially liked his insistence on friendship in a struggle for war and a higher cause,his point about families towards the end and demographics and about discipline,its value and life on the ascent.

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