Architectural PN Oakism










Is an example of what I am talking about. Just because the shapes are similar,it does not imply an actual continuity. Actual old Bengal temples pre-Islam were mostly of the ‘deul’ types,and the sort of architecture that would go into the making of a Buddhist vihāra. Example are linked below










This style however did not entirely die out,as seen in the case of the Begunia type of temples.



The typical Bengal terracotta styles(At-chala,etc) have their basic unit/model as a small rural/village hut with a thatched roof,and the similarities with the ancient inscription should be seen as a case of convergence at best,rather than continuity,since they were built after the Islamic iconoclastic frenzy destroyed every other standing temple in Bengal/architecturally reused them for mosques,and show evidence of loss of old techniques(the designs of the murtis originating from Bengal in the medieval period itself should be evidence for this) used in Pala and Sena times.

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