Opportunities that we will be missing

This opinion piece by Umar Khalid(note: I consider communist modes,philosophy and praxis to be easier to analyze when you note their intellectual heritage and not assume that these philosophies are true and universal).

Hope that Hindu organizations do something to help displaced tribals to be closer to the Hindu mainstream,lest they be suckered in by the śavārādhakas or the rudhiradhvajin-s. Some sort of economic-cum-social arrangement,with a religious(dharma-centred) cement with a closely linked network of jātis each functioning like a particular cog,with minimal exploitation. So that the damage on both sides is minimized.

Otherwise,we know our future…

Similar things have been said by better people than me.


Also,as my friend SV remarked,the role of Hindu nationalist organizations in protecting and saving these traditions(let alone helping them spread) have been dismal(which is one of the greatest limitations of gharwapsi programmes),instead using them only as a means to an end(while it should be the reverse).

This and its parent cults should be battled at all  levels-from the lowest physical levels to the intellectual and spiritual levels. Sita Ram Goel wrote his analysis of Chinese communism from Kolkata, but it was Bal Thackeray’s followers who drove out the rudhiradhvajin-s from Mumbai(and the memory of Shivaji and his successors was still fresh in the public there), while Kolkata fell to them.