Worshipping Sai Baba and other Siddhas

SV: bANAmati(by the Telugu author Viswanatha Satyanarayana) is a story of a guy possessed by a piSAca. There is a dead saint who is worshiped in that region and the guy uses pUja flowers from that place to rid himself and eventually help the piSAca rid of its piSAci state.

Me: How does this work?Reverence for a dead Siddha?

SV: There are many regions where a local siddha is not cremated but buried, and around that place some effect is felt in times to come.

Me: Elaborate please.

SV: In those places it is not uncommon to have kids named after those siddhas, promises and offerings made in their name etc.

SV: In case of infections, infant deaths etc they pray and name after the siddha for the newborns to survive. Or in cases where kids see “air” or frequent ill-health. But most of this is very specific to those regions, because there is no formalized mantra or devata associated with siddha.

Me: So… Apart from the no formalized procedure,the difference is…?

SV: Besides, devata has several layers whereas dead siddha effect is limited to lower layers of consciousness.Like a ghost, the siddha effect will also be possible at the outermost sheath of subtle body (the vital). Trying to elevate a dead siddha to devata is not going to fly because there is no drashTa given mantra or procedure for worship. Nor is such devotion going to melt the mind’s deeper sheaths.

Me: So… In the case of Sai they are trying to retrofit a Dēvatās role?

SV: Yes and and which is why it is not going to work.

S: SV – something similar. http://www.srireddammathalli.com/history.html .I personally have very close family who have had kids after going to Reddemma Konda. and as is the norm they are named Reddamma / Reddappa and no particular mantra or anything for her worship.

SV: Instead of “rAjA rAm candra ki jai” or “har har mahAdev” if you shout “jai sai nAth” it is not likely to produce anything in a battle or anything of civilizational purpose.

S: SV – agree,and many sai temples do Rudrakbhishekam to Sai Baba.It is their wish but i find it odd.

SV: No its not their wish it is dogma and rowdyism – neither is rudra mantra their property (it belongs to the vedAgama tradition) nor is the procedure of worship.That anything in the land belongs to my and i have the freedom to use it the way i want is quite dushTa 🙂

S: I understand. my point was/is that – just because they do rudrabhishkeam to Sai, it ain’t gonna give any benefit.

SV: Many Sai cultists also know the limitations of the effect, and hence try to bring into sai temples, along with bhajan, the vedAgama worship so that the “charge” is maintained. It might – after all regardless of where  you pour it, the mantra has its effect. Which is attributed to Sai and not the greatness of Rudra mantra. Which is the main problem.

Me: >and many sai temples do Rudrakbhishekam to Sai Baba


SV: Like rAma jaya there is a “sai jaya” mantra that all Sai cultists chant 🙂

S: Replace Shiva with Sai is how it is there. I am not kidding.4 times aartis. Abhishekams with Rudram. Dhuni for Vibhuti.Tulasi Brindavan.

Me: Most I’ve been to is Lokenath Baba shrines

SV: “brahma vishNu SivAtmakAya namaH” one among the sai ashTottara mantra-s if I remember 🙂 Majority of devata mantras are plagiarized and perverted by inserting sai name.

S: There is a Sai Satyavrata poja,and I’m not kidding.

SV: Plagiarized satya nArayaNa vrata 🙂

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