ekAdashI differnces:A conversation

A:So,ekAdashI should not be observed if it is ‘viddha'(mixed with dashami/similar stuff)?
B:Difference of opinion between smArtas and vaiShNavas.vaiShNavas look for shuddha ekAdashI,smArtas do not.
A:What exactly is there to discount the other sides’ opinion?Say,a smArta discounting a vaiShNava opinion or vice versa?Basically how would a smArta view vaiShNava citations or…
B:The citations contradict,so sampradAya wins. It’s simple. IMO it’s a difference in focus.
A:Could you explain?
B:vaiShNava focus is for pAraNa on dvadashi…Making sure dvAdashi is there when fast is broken.
A:smArta focus is on fasting during majority of ekadashi.Neither is wrong per se…Personally I think thesmArta is more correct on balance,since focus should be on fast and not breaking it on subsequent tithi.