Aruṇa-sarasvatī(of the 16th śloka of the Saundaryalaharī)

Here our Acharya is actually invoking the eight armed Goddess: with bow, arrow, noose and spear (mistranslated; should be goad/a~nkusha) (that go with Kameshvari) in four of the hands and with varam, abhayam, aksha-mAlA and book (that go with Sarasvati) in the other four hands. This is the aruNa-Sarasvati with eight hands, talked about by our elders.
Translation of Kañcī Paramācārya’s discourses on the Saundaryalaharī(link to the part in question). 

The image below is an outline, imagine Her to be of the colour of the red sun in the morning. (The sunrise pic isn’t mine.) 

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